Love Per Square Foot

2h 13min | (2018)

Love Per Sq Ft, is a feature film which deals with the very common predicaments that faces today's urban youth; finding a house and finding love. Through the course of this romantic comedy we see Sanjay Chaturvedi and Karina D'souza desperately seeking a house, but realizing the difference between 'ghar' and 'makaan'. Sanjay is a entry level software engineer working for a bank hoping he will get employee preference on home loan being a bank employee. His boss Rashi does have a timepass backup affair with him because her lover is in UK. Sanjay wants to buy house on home loan. Similarly Kareena wants to buy her house but she has an kind of arranged agreement of marriage with Samuel who does not share similar thoughts with Kareena. Meanwhile Sanjay and Kareena meet as they work in same building and fall in love with each other owing to similar thoughts and common interest of buying home/ghar in a scheme for married couples. Story takes turns and ultimately they do fall for each other and buy the perfect 550 sq feet dream house or Ghar in Mumbai.

Comedy Romance
IMDb 7.3/10

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